“Strategies for Wealth”                                               The perfect job for you


With the country in a depression still (at least many parts are still feeling the effects of it), jobs have been hard to come by and making a living has been really rough for many people. The statistics show now that this depression is the greatest ever, more severe that the depression of the early 30’s.

Finding a job for some has been a huge challenge resulting in the wind taken out of there sails. So what is a person going to do to support themselves? It seems like there are a ton of applicants for each job and the pay is pretty low.

Strategies for wealth are usually guarded by there founders as there system produces measurable results. We have some we would like to share with you. Our web site is information based web site designed to give the people vital information on running a business in every aspect.

Strategies for Wealth:    Get ready to make money


If you are looking for Strategies for Wealth we have one that we use as our business model and it works like gold….. Project Internet Gold!

It’s a little hard to put into words what this system can do for you. I’m not going to try to talk you into anything but it has created for us a way to make an incredible income that we in turn invest in select commercial real estate. We can teach you how to duplicate this very easily. Our e-Book Project Internet Gold outlines everything.

If the $7.00 dollars is too much to invest in your future then I’m at a loss for words. In order for us to help you the only way we can do this is for you to want to help yourself.

You have to start somewhere!

There are certain opportunities in the country right now. Real Estate investing has huge profits associated with it and the dynamics for making money here are huge. More people now than ever are buying off the internet, we will show you exactly how they could be buying from you instead.

Strategies for Wealth:     This works perfectly


If you could predict the success of your web presence that might change your mind? We can show you how to research your competition before you spend any time creating content for your web site. This can all be done with an 8th grade education. Now that I think about it this is a good business for your kids, they can make enough money to pay for room and board J they will be able to pay your entire mortgage pmt in no time.

I raised 3 kids and I can tell you right now they are the gift that keeps costing.

Internet Marketing can be a challenge to cash in on unless you have a teacher that has ironed out all the wrinkles. I can tell you exactly where your time is best spent. What action items create money and what stuff is not all that important.

Our team is the most helpful group you will find when it comes to helping new people. We want you to succeed, that is our hopes……..

Let us get you started in creating more freedom in your life, we have the blueprint!!

Project Internet Gold

Strategies for Wealth:    Give this a try


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IWillTeachYouToBeRich:  Just follow my lead


What occupation has created more wealth that all the rest combined? Real Estate is the answer. The opportunities in this country right now have never been greater for finding real estate to make money on. Our business model is to invest in 4 different types of commercial real estate.

Apartments, Student housing, Self storage and Manufactured home parks are the 4 different investments we concentrate on. There is the highest return on investment and the greatest security. We can teach you how to do this at a fraction of the cost that you can do it anywhere else.

You are now asking yourself “how am I going to get money to buy real estate? I’m glad you asked.

If you have any interest in Internet Marketing we have discovered the key to success here. It didn’t come easy for us, there was a learning curve that we went through for quite some time. The great thing is that, are new Project Internet Gold system streamlines your learning curve and gets you making money instantly!

IWillTeachYouToBeRich: Start with Project Internet Gold


Our only hope of keeping people interested in marketing on the internet was to create a system that generated money instantly with no waiting at all. Our product that we sell will be the same one you sell “Project Internet Gold”. Once purchased for $7.00 you have the rights to resell this. The beauty is that it sells like hotcakes!!

This special e-Book will give you the knowledge on how to find key words and phrases that people are searching for on the internet. Our system is designed to get you on the rail road of traffic so you can get run over with purchases (so to speak). We have a program that analyzes the competition for that key word or phrase, if it shows very little competition on the front page of Google we go for it, capturing that traffic and cashing in on it, super easy.

any searches on the internet don’t produce the information you are looking for. Funny thing is that with Google AdWords you can see what people are searching for, how many and if the competition is low, medium or heavy. What a perfect tool for upping your odds at success. We predetermine our success in our research.

If I pick the proper key word or key phrase I can have a post on my blog go to the first page of Google in one day! Yep, one Day! You get on the first page and you get traffic, traffic is money and there are many ways to monetize your web site for huge profits, all this we teach you.

IWillTeachYouToBeRich: It is not all that hard


So if $7.00 is standing in your way of making a bunch of money then I can’t help, you. You need to start somewhere and if you want IWillTeachYouToBeRich.

Many years ago in the early 90’s I was up late one night and happened to be watching an infomercial on investing in houses with no money down. The system was $400.00 which at that time was real expensive but I needed a way to create more freedom in my life so I stuck my neck out and bought it.

I read the manual 2 times and hit the ground running. The first property I bought I did it with no money down and also bought it at 25% of it’s actually value come to find out. As it turns out I ended up making 2.8M on that first deal. Do you think that opened my eyes?

I took a risk at spending $400 that I didn’t have…. This costs $7.00.

Project Internet Gold

How much is your future worth?

IWillTeachYouToBeRich: If that’s what you want…..

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How to Get Rich Young:

Understand an opportunity when you see it


One thing with internet marketing if you hook up with the right teachers you can reduce your learning curve a ton and make money instantly. We have created a system that brings money in the door instantly so you stay in the game. This new system is called Project Internet Gold, this was designed for those that are looking for how to get rich young.

In the business world normally many months or years need to be set aside for learning that trade. During this time you have no income but you do have education expenses. You are hoping that once you get your degree there will be jobs ready. This is not always the case.

With Project Internet Gold we have you going instantly, making money today.

I have a web site designed to give away secrets (GO HERE) that I have learned through the years of running many businesses. Construction, real estate and internet marketing are the backgrounds I have. There is a wealth of knowledge here that you can’t find unless you have attended “The School of Hard Knocks”. I would like to save you the money, the tuition is really high at this school.

How to Get Rich Young:    Gather Knowledge


Take the time to learn the fundamentals of running a successful business; if you do you will be in the 12.5% that succeed; yes, only 12.5% make it! The web site is called “How Can I be Rich” you will find about 50 articles I have written on many subjects. The secrets I am giving away cost me a fortune to learn.

With the popularity of buying on the Internet at an all time high don’t you think it’s about time to cash in on some of that? Running a business on the internet answers the question, how to get rich young. It allows a person to start a business for next to nothing with a huge upside depending on how much time and effort you put into it.

How to Get Rich Young:     Find a Mentor


All businesses will take time and effort; there are no get rich quick schemes that work real well. This system will really open your eyes when you see how it works. This is not a get rich quick method, nothing is, however this will get you rich in just a very short time.

Our business model here is to invest our profits from internet marketing into multi-family housing in different emerging markets around the country. The dynamics are perfect for this and the profits are huge.

It really depends on what interests you have. You will excel in the areas you have interest in and are passionate about. Don’t get into anything you aren’t going to pour your heart and soul into. If you have an interest in running a home based business that can make you financially secure this may be the way to go.

Project Internet Gold has helped so many finally make the kind of money to create more freedom in there life and reduce there stress. Having more money has a way of making things go smoother.

You can be someone that sits on the fence, never making a decision on anything or you can make a move to create financial freedom in your life, it’s your choice.

Are you going to let $7.00 stand in your way?

How to Get Rich Young:    Have Motivation


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Find out how you can be making 800.00 per week working 2 hours a day.


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“I Want a Boyfriend”:    Let me show you


Finding a boyfriend is pretty easy, finding just the right boyfriend will take just a little work. Pay close attention to there personalities when trolling for guys, there should be some traits that are attractive and some not so attractive.

“Where can I Find a Man” web site was created for Ladies only…..

Any more, dating sites are a great way to filter through the riff-raff and find just the right guy. You are able to communicate with then on a very secure setting and “feel them out” so to speak. The first step is to read there profiles.

There are going to be certain “Tell’s” in there profiles. If they are all about them selves you should be able to tell by reading. If they want to tell you how much they have, to impress you, they may lack confidence. If there profiles are more geared to there qualities and what they want in a relationship then you may have something.

I Want a Boyfriend:    I will show you how to get a really good one


With dating sites you have to be able to promote yourself so there is a fine line between saying good things about yourself and being conceded. You must be able to read between the lines and try to figure out a guy’s personality by how he writes. Most men will write like they think, most do not have the persuasive skills in writing to convey different messages.

OK, what all women need to understand is that there are some things that you don’t want guys doing. On the top of the list is letting them make the decisions on picking a girlfriend, if you want them running the show perhaps you should have them do some interior decorating also. Do you think they have the skills for that?

The reason that women let the guys ask them out (most will give the excuse that they are old school) is because they lack the confidence to do this, much like many guys. If you want the RIGHT guy you better do the picking. I will show you how.

Like I said above, after looking at there picture and reading there profile figure out if you want to ask them questions through email. Many people on dating sites will use old pictures that make them look better. Ask them if there photos are recent and if there are too few, ask to have more uploaded.

Your questions at first need to find out what kind of childhood they had. If they were raised with say, Reed and June Cleaver as there parents (leave it to beaver) then they had a great childhood. If there dad was in prison and there mom is a hooker, chances are they will not know anything about a healthy relationship.

I Want a Boyfriend:    Choose him, not the other way around


How they were raised is a vital ingredient for a quality boyfriend.

Security and confidence are two of the qualities that you are looking for at first. Try to find guys that seem to care about people and there families, you want a family guy that understands the importance of trust, friendship and has some sort of clue how a healthy relationship works.

Unfortunately there seems to be about 70% of the guys that may not work to well. Your job is to filter through them quickly so you can do your searching from the 30% that are great boyfriend material. I have a few articles that talks much more about this, I think they are linked together, just go HERE to read some of them. They are more detailed as to your searching techniques and screening.

I have researched the best material on the market for helping you in your search:

Friends into Lovers
Become a Guy Magnet
The Women Men Adore: And never want to leave
Magnetic Messaging

I hope this helps, I know if you take the time to read some of my articles it will give you really good insight as to what you should be looking for. Remember you are doing the looking and the choosing!

If you have a need for more money in your life check out:

Project Internet Gold, this system is no joke it will make you rich!

I Want a Boyfriend:    I can answer any of your questions, just comment!

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Neutrogena Oil Free



“Neutrogena Oil Free”


Our intent here is to give you an understanding of dry skin, what causes it and what you can do to help. You can buy and Neutrogena products on this site if you wish, we just want you to have the knowledge to make a wise choice should you choose.

If you would like to do the Neutrogena Skin ID test just click it.

This will tell you your skin type, very important when buying products.

With your skin, there are many different ways you can keep care of it. Make sure that you drink plenty of water each day and stay hydrated for starters. There is also a certain diet you should be on, it is not at all restrictive and you just have to eat foods that promote skin health and stay away from the foods that cause skin problems.

The Clear Skin Diet is a good one for this.

Neutrogena Oil Free


Dry Skin Explained:

What makes skin feel soft and smooth? Healthy skin produces natural moisturizers, and its moisture barrier—a protective layer made up of millions of skin cells held together by lipids—helps hold this moisture in and keep skin hydrated. When the moisture barrier is damaged—as a result of cold, dry air, sun exposure, frequent hand washing and other factors—skin is unable to retain its natural moisture, causing it to feel dry, rough and itchy.

Several factors can cause skin to lose moisture:

  • Frequent showering or bathing with hot water: Contrary to popular belief, wetting skin doesn’t always make it more moist—over time it can cause moisture to escape from the epidermis. What’s more, the hotter the water temperature, the more it washes off protective lipids and increases the ability of irritants in your cleanser to penetrate the skin.
  • Lathering up with harsh soaps that contain dyes and fragrances: The detergent in harsh soap can strip skin of its natural oils, while the dyes and fragrances can irritate dry skin.
  • Using hand sanitizer: While the alcohol in hand sanitizers kills germs, it can be very drying to skin. Repeated use can make hands rough, dry and chapped.
  • Weather: During the winter months, cold, dry air outside and warm, dry indoor heating can deplete skin’s moisture.
  • Sun damage: Unprotected exposure to UV rays can break down skin’s natural barrier and can further reduce skin’s ability to retain moisture.
  • Aging: Skin’s water content and natural oils decrease with age.
Neutrogena Oil Free

Replenishing dry skin requires avoiding the external causes of dryness and restoring the moisture barrier’s ability to hold in moisture. Try these tips for repairing dry, rough, itchy skin:

  • Take shorter showers or baths and use warm water instead of hot.
  • Wash with a mild cleanser that gently softens and conditions—to minimze stripping skin of its natural moisture.
  • After showering, gently pat skin dry and while skin is slightly damp, apply a rich, emollient moisturizer to help “seal in” moisture. Look for products that contain nourishing ingredients like glycerin to attract and maintain moisture.
  • Use an intensive moisturizer—like a hand cream—on any area where skin is extremely dry (such as elbows, knees, even lips). Apply at bedtime for overnight dry skin repair.
  • Avoid over-heating your home during cold months.
  • If you use hand sanitizer, look for one with a built-in moisturizer.
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen when you plan to be outdoors.
  • For a foot-softening treatment, slather on a rich foot cream and slip on cotton socks.

Neutrogena Oil Free

If anyone needs money this Project Internet Gold will do it check it out….

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